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Reverse Mortgage Specialist

NMLS #1502324

Portland, OR Office

About Rachel Hemmingson

  • In 2016 Rachel earned her license as a Mortgage Loan Officer in the state of Oregon. She specializes on the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), focused on helping older adults utilize equity strategically.

  • The HECM serves those staying in place, AND those purchasing a home (using the H4P) while being able to retain sales proceeds from the original home.

  • Rachel brings many years of expertise in helping older adults make decisions about where to live and how to make a home work for age-related changes.

  • Licensed in the state of Oregon as a Realtor® in 2004, she specialized as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® serving both sellers and buyers.

  • She also partnered with the Senior Housing industry, providing consultations and support to older adults wanting help with evaluating choices and moving ahead. She created professional teams to assist homeowners with all the logistics of selling and moving. Now her teams  also allow her to address the logistics of remodeling homes for aging-in-place.

  • Call her to access equity for renovations to stay home; for real estate services for selling your house; or to purchase with a unique purchase program just for older adults. If you are overwhelmed with the logistics of your choice, or just exploring these options for the future, she provides a 2 hour consultation for a fee, refundable when you contract for services with in a year.

What Clients Are Saying

Nancy G.

I’m widowed and almost 67. I was really scared to take on debt and that I wouldn’t know what I was doing and would make a mistake. But I have neuropathy in my feet and can’t keep working forever. My Social Security isn’t really enough to live on, even with my house paid off. And my car was dying. Rachel helped me understand that using the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage – mainly just as a line of credit – was actually using my house to create income when I can’t work. I used some money to get my house painted and buy a great used car-- a Honda Fit! The other thing is that I don’t have internet at home, so Rachel drove to my house and worked with me – a lot. And when I want to set things up to receive monthly income, I know she’ll come over again to help me figure that out! I couldn’t have done this with just anyone. I’m grateful for her patience and compassion guiding me through the process. I’m really relieved that I took this mortgage.

Joe & Linda W.

We loved our house in East Moreland, but the property taxes went from $7000 to $10,000 in two years. We’re on fixed income and just couldn’t keep facing those increases. We had friends and neighbors who had moved to Sisters, Oregon, so we went to check it out. We fell in love with an amazing house that’s designed for age-related changes and just gorgeous. There was no way in the world for us to afford it without the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for PURCHASE! [H4P] We ended up having to pay for under half of the cost out of our sales proceeds and had a nice chunk of extra cash left over from the loan that covered the remaining cost to buy the house. So we got the house we wanted, paid off our credit cards we’d used for the move, and have this place with no mortgage payments. We’ve got good equity in the house, and the loan gets paid off when we sell or have to move out someday. We LOVE our new home!

Laurie O.

This is a great program for business people. A number of years ago, I moved my business to a new location, accruing debt in the process. When the new location did not work out, I opted to return to my original location but needed money to be able to do it as at that point I was very low on cash. I didn’t know what to do! I’d just turned 62 so Rachel introduced me to the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. I was able to pay off the debt, move back, and gained line of credit out of the deal with a growth rate to it! I high recommend the HECM. 

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